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February 26, 2018                             

Hi Everyone

Can't believe it is end of February already.  As usual I lost

track of time.  I did go with the family on a Disney Cruise

this month.  We had a fantastic time and everyone is still talking

to each other. My grandchildren had a great time meeting the

Disney characters. I also did too.

When I got back from the cruise I was home 4 days and than

​flew out to South Padre Island.  This is where my sister and her

husband stays for the winter.  She has been going out there

for 28 years.  This is the first time for me to visit and it is 

very nice out there.

So as you gather I have not done too many Sweepstakes.

Please remember that when I am gone that I am slow in

get my orders out. 

Also I am updated my winners tonight. So check your name and


The Full Moon is coming on Mar. 1.

They call it the Worm Moon 7:51 p.m

 Good luck to everyone.