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September 4, 2018                             

Hi Everyone

Can't believe it is September already

Hope everyone had a fun Labor Day Weekend

I did with family and friends

Just a few things to comment on

In October I will be going to the Carolina Sweepers

Fall Festival 2018.   There I will have a Vendor table

so please stop over to see me  - I will also be passing out

my Price List with a Ticket on it  - keep this ticket and match

it to my website once a month to win a prize.  I will be doing

this drawing till the next 2019 National Convention.

Please note that I had to raise my prices because of the increase

in shipping. 

If there is any special Sweepstakes Supplies that you need me to bring

just email me and I will try and bring it for you.

I updated my winners list tonight. So check your name and tickets. 

Wishing  everyone a Winning Month