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January 13, 2019                             

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Sorry for the inconvience these last few months

I had trouble with my website -thought I lost most of 

my pages.  Than came along the trips and holidays and

I kept putting it off telling myself that I would fix it  tomorrow

but as they say tomorrow never comes.

November was a busy month -between the birthdays and

Thanksgiving with the family.

Beginning of December I went on a trip to Cancun which

I had won back in January from the Radio Stations.

It turn out to be a very nice trip - all inclusive.  Plus it was

my turn to have Christmas Eve at my  house.  So when  I

came back from the trip I had to hustle.  I have 6 Grandchildren

ages 4,6,7,9,11 and 13.  Wrapping was a huge job for me.

After Christmas - which took me awhile to clean up after

the Christmas Eve Party (remember I am pass 70 and I  am

slower than I use to be).  I caught a bad bad cold which lasted

longer than usual.  After the New Year I went to New Orleans

with my friends.  Yep took the cold with me.  Did the best I

could to have fun.  Came home and just crashed.

Actually today I can feel the cold is almost gone.

So I ended the year with my cold and started the New Year

with one.  Also didn't get too many Sweeps done.

My New Years Resoulution is to do better this year on posting

and try to do more sweepstaking. 

Make sure you check my Specials and also check

the Monthly Winners . I updated the last 3 months of winners.

Keep the ticket that I passed out at the Conventions

for future monthly drawings.

Take care